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Come and see the City of Kings

Lima, also known as the City of Kings, has many tourist attractions to offer. Peru’s magnificent capital and megalopolis boasts a mixture of styles that reflects the various periods of the city’s history: colonial architecture, the buildings of the viceregal and republican eras, and splendid parks and gardens. Here are some of the many iconic places you can visit in this fabulous city:
Lima - Palmetto Hoteles

Lima's Plaza de Armas

Located in the historic centre of Lima, the Plaza de Armas or Plaza Mayor is the city’s main public space. Here you can see a variety of historic buildings, including: the Government Palace of Peru, the Cathedral of Lima, the Church of El Sagrario, the Archbishop’s Palace of Lima and the Municipal Palace of Lima.
  • Palmetto La Perla – Distance: 11.6 km – 35 min
  • Palmetto San Borja – Distance: 16.9 km – 40 min
  • Palmetto San Miguel – Distance: 11.2 km – 30 min

Huaca Pucllana archaeological complex

Visit the most mystical attraction in the district of Miraflores: the ruins of Huaca Pucllana. Here, apart from the site museum, a park brimming with native flora and fauna and a handicraft gallery, you can also see a large pyramid and other constructions belonging to Lima culture.
  • Palmetto La Perla – Distance: 12.9 km – 30 min
  • Palmetto San Borja – Distance: 4.5 km – 18 min
  • Palmetto San Miguel – Distance: 12.2 km – 25 min
Lima - Palmetto Hoteles
Lima - Palmetto Hoteles

Magic Water Circuit

Located in Reserva Park in Santa Beatriz, the Magic Water Circuit is the most visited tourist site in Lima. Enjoy the 13 ornamental fountains that together create scenes of colour, water, light and magic.
  • Palmetto La Perla – Distance: 10.3 km – 30 min
  • Palmetto San Borja – Distance: 6.4 km – 20 min
  • Palmetto San Miguel – Distance: 10.2 km – 30 min

The Park of Love

Located on the Miraflores seafront, the Park of Love offers splendid views over the Peruvian coastline. See the colourful mosaic walls, the poems and phrases alluding to love and the unique sculpture of lovers embracing, a 12 metre long by 3 metres high work of art.
  • Palmetto La Perla – Distance: 12.2 km – 35 min
  • Palmetto San Borja – Distance: 6.1 km – 25 min
  • Palmetto San Miguel – Distance: 11.6 km – 30 min
Lima - Palmetto Hoteles


Visit the first port in Peru

If you are looking for a quiet place with a peaceful atmosphere that is also filled with history, gastronomy, beaches and tradition, Callao is the place for you. Here you can live a world of experiences and learn about the history of the city through its museums and fortresses while enjoying the peace and quiet of the beachfront.  These are some of the places you can visit
Lima - Palmetto Hoteles

Real Felipe Fortress

The Real Felipe Fortress, built in the shape of an irregular pentagon, is a must-see for any visitor to this city. Get to know the history hidden behind its walls, façades and bastions. As well as discovering a formidable historic building, you will also get to enjoy spectacular views of the sea.
  • Palmetto La Perla – Distance: 5.9 km – 15 min
  • Palmetto San Miguel – Distance: 6.8 km – 18 min

The islands of Callao

Visit the charming desert islands off the coast of Callao: Palomino, Cavinzas, San Lorenzo and El Fronton. Go on one of the many walks that start from the docks of Callao or La Punta and enjoy a pleasant stroll surrounded by fauna and history.
Yacht Ecocruises
  • Palmetto La Perla – Distance: 7.2 km – 20 min
  • Palmetto San Miguel – Distance: 7.2 km – 20 min
Lima - Palmetto Hoteles
Lima - Palmetto Hoteles


This formidable historical site is a picturesque Genoese-style seaside resort with colourfully painted wooden houses and large windows. Visit the ancient hamlet of Piti Piti, home in ancient times to the Collas.
  • Palmetto La Perla – Distance: 6.4 km – 17 min
  • Palmetto San Miguel – Distance: 6.4 km – 17 min

Callao Monumental

Discover one of the most important cultural and artistic hubs of the port. This neighbourhood hosts a variety of cultural events, such as concerts, open-air music festivals, galleries, art exhibitions and much more.
  • Palmetto La Perla – Distance: 6.2 km – 16 min
  • Palmetto San Miguel – Distance: 6.8 km – 17 min
Lima - Palmetto Hoteles